Cherry White Sleigh Bed

Perfect Decoration White Sleigh Bed

White sleigh bed is more traditional than most people think. Sleigh beds are remarkably old-fashioned and, of course, get a room in a luxurious, antique feel, modern style sleigh beds are making an appearance on market, made of materials such as chromium steel.

Give even newest sleigh bed a vintage look painting with paint crackle for a shabby chic look. Distinctive shape of sleigh bed and cracked paint will work together to give all your room an artistic, yet rustic look. Achieving this crackled look with a pair of methods: a base layer and then another layer of perhaps a similar or contrasting paint finish and then a transparent crackle applies paint underneath. Alternatively, buying paint that crackles as it dries. This look is perfect for white sleigh bed in rooms that already have several vintage accents.

Simple canopy over white sleigh bed will give a remarkable sense of balance in your bedroom. For example, hang a large piece of fabric from your ceiling so that only four corners of cloth attach to ceiling and rest of fabric hanging in a mild form of “smile”. Thus directly it invokes natural curves of sleigh bed, and imitation of these curves of roof gives a more harmonious effect of entire room. Use contrary, when selection of this flag: if your sleigh bed has dark wood, choose a light fabric, such as white gauze. If your bed is made of lightweight material, select a dark cloth, such as burgundy velvet.

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