Chic Ikea White Metal Bed Frame

Affordable IKEA White Metal Bed Frame

IKEA white metal bed frame are particularly good choices for shabby chic style because metal can be easily overwhelmed painted to match colors of room. Metal is easy to bend.  Looking for unusual metal beds with lots of features and curves, an owner can add drama without bright or clashing colors. A spectacular bed can still see simple and discreet, which is exactly kind of contrast that makes room feel dated rather exciting.

IKEA white metal bed frame to be cheap. Look good structural lines. It is not important if bed is straight or if frame is rusty. If lines are good, it is not difficult to straighten out metal, blast and paint under bed in colors that suit your room. Look beyond minor flaws. Try to find solid metal rather than metal thin walls or boat, as solid metal will be repainted with better results. Search beds in standard mattress sizes.

IKEA white metal bed frame are easy to modify. If you find a larger metal frame on shape and size that works for your living room, consider adding a canopy. Most cities have a store where you have metal bed frame modified to include a decorative glass and superior knot. Workers usually be happy to blast and paint entire frame during editing, which gives it a special piece, custom finish. Make sure bed comes apart so it can be installed in room.

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